Slide/Negative & Print Scanning

Due to the 'Digital Revolution' many old Negatives, Transparencies and Old photographs have been put away and forgotten about. Make your photographic memories live forever with Slide/Negative & Print scanning service. Transforming them into digital image for your computer or portable media or just to disc for safe keeping.

Two type of scanner are used depending on the customer needs.

For a professional High Res Scan an Imacon Flextight Scanner is used producing an outstanding quality scan for large format negs/slides up to 5x4 sheet film.

General scans an Epson V750 scanner is used, one of the top of the range flatbed scanners. This also give outstanding scans for an economical price.

All scans have all dust/dirt removed (except if really dirty, then will be washed re-scanned for a small cost)

All scans can be taylored to customer needs